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The Team at G-FAST

The G-FAST team was born in 2016 and was created from various walks of life but share one common element; Search and Rescue as an ongoing battle. Located in the Big Bend of North Florida our diverse team is capable of launching a full scale SAR mission within minutes.  Our code of conduct has become very simple: We lead, we follow, we innovate and we develop.  These key fundamentals coupled with our commitment to stamping the G-FAST name provide our team a strategy and roadmap to a unique success and perspective.  By LEADING the forefront of aviation search and rescue, the G-FAST team is privy to the newest technologies, state of the art aerospace and the creation of a new industry standard.  By FOLLOWING our gut feelings and utilizing the training that each one of our team members is engrained with, G-FAST INNOVATES specifications and DEVELOPS new benchmarks to be utilized by all SAR groups Nationally and Internationally.

Our officers and directors have been around the search and rescue field for decades.   We are comprised of pilots, former law enforcement, boat captains and entrepreneurs.  By using a group of agents with unorthodox and diverse backgrounds, G-FAST is capable of thinking clearly and quickly about the direction and meaning behind our organization.  Our CEO and Director, Richard Connell has been flying planes and helicopters before most teens get their drivers licenses and he recently was quoted saying: “G-FAST isn’t just the opportunity to save lives; it gives us the unique freedom to use our skill sets and hobbies to explore, track, drive, fly and captain TO save lives!”  Our team is ready, steady and highly capable of aerial search and rescue missions.  It is our intention over the next 3-5 years to grow into the largest, privately held non profit in the SAR space and expand into Canada, Central and South America.