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It is only with the support of the general public and the assistance of corporations with hearts for humanity that let the G-FAST model continue to scale.  Our firm, based on the Florida and Georgia line is capable of deploying search and rescue assets in as little as 30 minutes and can be across the country within hours.  We appreciate the support both in-kind and monetary that allows G-FAST the ability to continue its operation and creation of services, standards, training and search and rescue assets.  One of our favorite quotes from Louis Pasteur, the scientist behind the Pasteurization process was “Fortune favors a prepared mind”.  Our fortune is readiness, preparedness, training and retraining.  These donations make is possible for G-FAST’s creed of “No agency should be without the assets necessary to preserve the cost of human life” to exist and grow.  We thank you in advance in your interest and support in The Georgia-Florida Aviation Search Team.


These supporters have allowed the Georgia-Florida Aviation search team opportunities to create jobs, build training modules and define G-FAST as the preeminent global aviation search and rescue operation.  We strive to provide best practices, strong stewardship, and a zero tolerance discrimination policy; only by doing these three things can we gain the trust, support and credence necessary to make G-FAST the top tier on the echelon scale.  Donations to G-FAST are used the following ways:

Financial Contributions

  • Acquisition of SAR Assets including Helicopters, Airplanes, Marine Equipment, Water Trucks, Trailers, Generators, Jaws of Life, Heavy Equipment (Repairable)
  • Maintenance and repair of pre-existing assets, fuel, repair
  • Facility and Storage Fees
  • SAR, EMS, CPR Training and Travel
  • Program Creation and Training and continued SAR Education



In-Kind Gifts 

  • Buildings and Real Estate to be used or silently auctioned at events
  • Automobiles and marine equipment both repairable and irreparable
  • SAR and Outdoor Apparel (Boots, shoes, clothing, etc)
  • Technology, camera and video components
  • Hotel Stays, Rental Car, Food Vouchers for Volunteers

           Donated Services

  • Mechanical, Automotive and Repair Services
  • Construction, Craftsmen and Repair Services
  • First Aid, EMS and Medical Training
  • Educators, Trainers and Mentors
  • Media, Technology, Graphic and Design Assistance
  • Legal, Accounting and other Professional fees
  • Plumbing, Irrigation, Electrical, etc


Help Sponsor The Georgia-Florida Aviation Search Team

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