The Georgia Florida Aviation Search Team was called to duty this afternoon when a backhoe tipped over in the mud and had a man trapped.  Richard Connell, CEO of G-FAST was first on the scene to assist this water rescue with another G-FAST member Deloyd Loveless and rescue diver Danny Woods.  Due to an overwhelming amount of rain in the North Florida area there has been massive flooding in and around the Aucilla River and low leveled swamp land. The water table is higher than it has been in quite some time and accidents with heavy and large machinery are unfortunately at an all time high.  No-one was seriously injured and fortunately the team at G-FAST was only 4 miles away so the victim was freed in mere minutes.  G-FAST is a search and rescue operation that is volunteer based organization that assists under budgeted cities and counties with their SAR efforts.

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