G-FAST is a Search and Rescue, Disaster Recovery and Private Security Non-Profit

Aviation and Marine assets for budget constrained cities and counties

Fully trained Captains, Pilots and Rescue Personnel

G-FAST Search and Rescue assets can be deployed within minutes of a possible catastrophie

Dive and Search Teams

Our team can be deployed locally, domestically and internationally to assist in volatile situations, evacuations, search and rescue recovery missions and other emergencies.


Aviation Search and Rescue Assets

G-FAST has a fleet of various aviation assets that can be deployed within minutes of possible catastrophic events.


Marine and Specialty Boats

Our fully trained marine vessel unit can track both lost assets and individuals in need.


Heavy Machinery and Construction Equipment

Our team of professionals can deploy assets such as front loaders, cranes, excavators, and heavy equipment in a moments notice.

Tactical and Evacuation Vehicles

From Hummer Troop Carriers and response vehicles G-FAST has it covered


G-FAST Supports the Community

Our organization supports Veterans, The Homeless, Habitat for Humanity, Law Enforcement and many more.  We. Are. Community.

Million People in the United States


Of city & county agencies have aerial support

People are missing at any given time

SAR Companies that have technologies like G-FAST

The target organizations that G-FAST intends on assisting are statewide agencies, counties and non-profits with budgetary constraints.  G-FAST believes that no agency should be without the assets necessary to preserve the cost of human life. Our team is result and rescue driven and will find the time, the resources and the assets needed to recover any loss.

Search and Rescue Statistics 

  • Increase in 2015 due to extreme videos and attention grabbing Facebook postings 20%
  • Water SAR Missions 7%
  • Rural Area Search and Rescue Missions 14%
  • Suburban and Urban Searches 11%
  • Of SAR Missions are Wilderness Searches 68%

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“Our team of Pilots, Captains, Veterans and Former Law Enforcement are ready to assist the public in a way never seen before”     -Richard Connell, CEO G-FAST