Non-Profit Medical Courier

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Our team focuses on the prevention of loss of life.  This means that our assets can be deployed on missions that assist the general public including medical courier assistance.   G-FAST works directly with area hospitals and groups on a business to business basis where there is no patient contact but vital organs and samples can be transported from location A to location B.  We are forward thinking organization with the high hopes that we are NEVER called out for search and rescue missions but if we are we are prepared.  G-FAST focuses on medical transport and acts of increasing probabilities of saving lives.   Because we utilize our assets such as aerial, marine and ground units, we are capable of facilitating a faster and better choice or courier systems.  When time is of the essence it is clear that having the opportunity to get from one end of the state to the other in a fraction of the time it takes via a car, G-FAST becomes the aviation differentiator.

If you, or a county is need of an aerial courier please contact with a subject line of “Courier” or request help from our team of G-FAST professionals on our main menu.