The G-FAST Mission 

It is our cause and the mission of G-FAST to be the leading not-for-profit aviation and marine search organization in the industry. The Georgia – Florida Aviation Search Team partners with counties and cities with limited budgets or lack of training and provides advanced aerial and marine civilian search technology.  Our team uses best of breed services coupled with best practices to build a long term and sustainable solution to an ongoing obstacle. Utilizing a 4 point spearhead, G-FAST promotes these best practices and prevents loss of life by incorporating the following fundamentals:


G-Fast’s commitment to the creation of an outsourced agency will mitigate human casualty and loss by utilizing search assets including aerial, marine and advanced diving technologies. These assets based on the acquisition cost, operating costs and continued maintenance has made them unobtainable before G-FAST. Our commitment as a not for profit organization gives us the unique opportunity to workaround often difficult bureaucracies that typically surround for profit and federal sponsored organizations by providing our services at no cost to the general public.


It has become our responsibility to the general public to supply a ready force capable of searching, assisting and protecting populations without budgetary discretion. The actions of G-FAST will greatly increase the quality of life of individuals and positively affect areas of the country with limited budgets incapable of providing aerial and marine search expertise. By partnering with state and local regulatory agencies, G-FAST assets can be deployed in a manner that is typically inconsistent with under budgeted regimes.  Our jobs and our responsibility doesn’t conclude until the search and recovery mission has been concluded.


The Georgia Florida Aviation Search Team has created endless possibilities based on our not for profit status. By providing our services and assets to organizations free of cost, the opportunity to create value driven services that enhance city needs and prevent potential loss of life is unparalleled. When most county budgetary concerns revolve around solving issues like water, power, sewage and trash collection, there is limited capital left in the budget for search and rescue missions. By utilizing the assets of G-FAST, counties and organizations have access to unlimited resources previously unavailable to anyone but the private and government sectors.


G-FAST has already placed strategic resources in local and state agencies giving us the ability for turnkey production and problem solving. The G-FAST support model allows us to deploy assets based on current need and in a fraction of the time typical of the industry. If loss of life is feared, G-FAST is capable of activating assets across the country providing immediate resolve to unsavory conditions and situations. By providing air, marine and dive support to organizations in need; G-FAST has the opportunity to be the preeminent search and rescue agency in the United States and abroad.